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Online Streaming Video : is one of the most popular online streaming video sharing enabled sites on the internet. With free video hosting and required technical support for all kinds of video formats, has its target at promoting the so called "episodic content" rather than the viral videos. The video hosting site has a major focus on serial web show programming to the exclusion of other types of online video, "the formula purposefully does not emulate the YouTube viral video sharing and friends and family video hosting model". The video hosting site helps budding film and short movie makers to promote their videos on a 50/50 split on revenues from advertising.

Complimented as a ‘true video sharing site’ on the internet when it comes to online streaming videos; supports open metadata standards, including micro formats, RSS, Atom and JSON. With an added allowance to share video online these uploaded videos on any other site: maintains the flexibility in its terms and conditions and the allowance policies. Social networking among established and budding filmmakers with their audience being the moral, ‘’ is one of the best featured examples of this concept as on date. With the advancement in video buffering technology the speed of online streaming of video has increased many-fold and help gives the user to watch uninterrupted video without the need to first download it on the computer as well as freedom to play, pause, and rewind and watch your favorite part again and again. Free video downloading software available on the internet allow a user to download these videos for personal and future reference and it enables the user to watch videos without the need of buffering videos online again.

‘’ offers its services by allowing the user or the uploader to pass on the rights of the videos to itself and then the passage of the same within its own distribution network, preserving for the uploader the rights to remove the submitted content as and when wished.

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