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Working on the concept of social networking as a whole, was initially organized in specification with a teen community. With the creation and upgradation to the version 2.0 level of, this site video sharing site offers maximum capacity of entertainment. The concept of the online video streaming site was to create a video sharing platform for video file uploading and sharing photos, videos, music and articles. The theory of online streaming online videos was to challenge the quality of DeviantArt, YouTube, and Flickr.

Coming to an official partnership with FOX's American Idol during its seasons, created ripples amongst the users as the sharers and the users grew drastically in number. The video file uploading size has been recently increased with respect to the site and thereby shifting gears in the race of popularity amongst the viewers of online streaming videos. Using a better format for the storage of video as well as increased video buffering speed of such files draws the users to these video sharing platforms that upload and share their videos on a regular basis on the website. With increased streaming speed of online videos user can watch uninterrupted video which can be played, paused and rewind with ease, and can also watch the favorite part of the video over again. has grown immensely popular with its users. this fact is said supporting the theory that the site not only offers online streaming videos on the site, but it also promotes the use of ID's and their customization and the now barred free email services. The video sharing site allows the users to create personal avatars, using of signatures, using emoticons, using the whiteboard facility and uploading of ID photos with increased streaming speed of online videos.

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