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Founded in the year 1998, encompasses various genres of online streaming videos which ranges from comedy, political, news, entertainment etc. An online video streaming and video sharing platform also includes flash games and pictures amongst other online video materials on the website. Social networkings being the foundation of an online media streaming and video sharing site- is one of the biggest sources of interaction between like-minded people sharing the same views and opinions with other users from around the world and letís watch online streaming videos. In January 2006, introduced a new file hosting system and video streaming server for its users to share their personal files. was the first website to offer prizes for theme based original content uploading, with winner eligible to for airing their show on the channel.

Since the focus of the content on the website was considered to be the cause of humor, draws millions to itself on a daily basis. Stunts and pranks being included in this source of entertainment; the site is flexible enough for its users and allows the promotion of the featured and popular videos on the homepage of the website. The videos have been at times criticized to be skeptical in nature; the attraction of the site with its nature of craze hasn't gone down a bit.

Online video streaming site allows user to share, upload and watch videos online without the need to first download it on the computer and can be played, paused and rewind to the favorite part of the video to watch it over again. With advancement in video technology now we can watch online streaming videos without any delays and interruptions as the speed of online streaming videos has increased many-fold. Video streaming server has also resolved many buffering problems and helps contribute to the internet networking community as it helps to promote and market viral video through worldwide audience.

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