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Online Streaming Video : GodTube
‘GodTube’ is an online video sharing platform which strives to bring together all the videos related to Christian community on one portal. Popular in subject of Christian-themed videos, ‘GodTube’ is a free video sharing website which brings together the Christians from all over the world to one place and help them share motivational video clips with the rest of the world. ‘GodTube’ is based on a social networking concept that allows online streaming video technology on its platform. The site encourages users with this instruction:
“Be inspired in your walk with Jesus Christ and grow in your knowledge of the Bible with highlighting inspirational video messages and verses”. The site has dedicated itself to online streaming video sharing and focuses on dealing with the issues of religion- specifically Christianity. As compared to the encyclopedia of Christianity, ‘GodTube’ has earned its place faster than it was ever expected. Online video sharing platform allows user to upload, share and watch videos online without the need to first download it on the computer. It also has added functionalities which include playing, pausing and rewinding it to your favorite part and gives the freedom to watch it over again. Advanced streaming media server has helped users with increased streaming speed which provides uninterrupted viewing of online videos. Online streaming video sharing is helping Christians all over the world from different walks and parts of the world to contribute and gain from the message of God and spread the words of Christ.
Though the issues and the videos on the website have fallen into controversies, the idea of free video sharing has been maintained with the best of possible quality. After TV, Online streaming video technology has helped the people of faith to share their common interest and beliefs with the rest of the world. Dealing with the risky issue of religion, ‘GodTube’ shares more than over 1500 videos on the subject and records a huge number of video streaming process running its pages with the number of unique visitors being in the count of over 5 millions on a daily basis.

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