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A free video service being the USP of Google Videos, the immense popularity of the concept has been highly appreciated by everyone all over the internet. Google Videos is undoubtedly the biggest search engine for videos on the internet which was formerly a free video sharing site. After buying their former competitor ‘YouTube’, Google announced that Google video searches will include videos discovered on other video hosting sites. Google videos now display video search results similar to the way Google image search results are displayed. Google video hosting site provides a large archive of freely searchable videos which uses the latest video technology which help increase buffering speeds of videos. Apart from hosting amateur media, Internet videos, viral ads, and movie trailers, this online video platform also aims to distribute and promote commercial and professional media, such as important televised content and commercial as well as documentary movies. Google uploads give us the freedom to upload anything from personal videos to marketing videos. Once Google uploads these videos they become online within minutes and can be watched as well. Several educational discourses have been recorded by Google employees, which have been made available for viewing on Google streaming video server. Most of these lectures are from the universities where Google employees went to school. The range of topics covered in these lectures ranges from topics covering Google technologies and software engineering but also include other pioneering efforts by major players in the software engineering field. There are software which allow to download Google Videos. Google share video online with the help of code embedded with the video which can be put on websites. You can also download Google Videos for personal use and reference. Google music videos also allow users to connect with people who share their common interest.

The users on the platform are allowed the flexibility to search and play the available uploaded videos directly from the site without the need to first download them on the computer. Google Video is aiming to be the largest store of freely searchable videos compared to any other free online streaming video site on the internet. Videos on Google are available on all possible genres and the site also shows results from other non-affiliated video sites through its web crawls. With the option of content filtration available with Google Video, the site keeps a check on the policies related to the geographical differences around the globe.

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