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Founded in the year 1998, ‘iFilm’ is known to be the best archive collection for short films, movie trailers, and other video clips of interest. As the name resonates, the site ‘iFilm’ is dedicated to all who share their interest in movies and connect film lovers from around the globe. With a huge following of this genre irrespective of locality or the available audience, ‘iFilm’ draws in a huge amount of traffic on a daily basis to this site. The basic concept being of social networking; ‘iFilm’ lets movie fanatics share, upload and watch online movie videos of the best and rarest of films available on the internet.

Online video streaming allows user to share, upload and watch videos online without the need to first download it on the computer and can be played, paused and rewind to the favorite part of the video to watch it over again. With advancement in video technology now we can watch online streaming videos without any delays and interruptions as the speed of online video streaming has increased many-fold. Video streaming server has also resolved many buffering problems and helps contribute to the internet networking community as it helps to promote and market viral videos through worldwide audience.
While serving a global audience, the idea of online streaming videos takes a major share in promoting and marketing when it comes to short films, movie clips promotional videos and trailers. Videos included on the website like animation & cartoons, comedy, commercials, extreme sports, motorsports, movie trailers & clips, music videos, short films, television, personal videos, video games and viral videos are among a few in their listing of various genres to draw in traffic of internet users from across the world who watch videos online.

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