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Online Streaming Video : JibJab
Social Networking being the base of the entire subject, JibJab is an online streaming video sharing site on the internet devoted to feature Flash Cartoons. Run by the "JibJab Brothers", this site is known to be the largest collection of Online streaming Flash cartoon videos. Humor being the moral, and also importantly raising the social issues from time to time, JibJab has been the perfect online video sharing platform on the internet.

Founded in the year 1999, JibJab has a huge list of the popular online streaming videos which rocked the world and made everybody laugh. Dealing with political issues to social norms, JibJab has created an atmosphere which has been never been tried with any other online video sharing site. The site has also created some very famous flash movies and is thereby extremely popular amongst its users for constant updations and better resourcing. Sharing and streaming of online videos on the website is known to be extremely user friendly and is appreciated all over.

Online video streaming site allows user to share, upload and watch videos online without the need to first download it on the computer and can be played, paused and rewind to the favorite part of the video to watch it over again. With advancement in video technology now we can watch online streaming videos without any delays and interruptions as the speed of online streaming videos has increased many-fold. Video streaming server has also resolved many video streaming problems and helps contribute to the internet networking community as it helps to promote and market online viral video through worldwide audience.

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