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With thousands of Bollywood movie and movie star fanatic in India and abroad, Online Bollywood video serves a very large audience of Bollywood fans with movie trailers, gossips, hot bollywood clips and interviews. Online streaming of videos has made it possible for movie fans to watch and share their views, opinions and also criticize Bollywood movies online. Huge crowd following and Boolywood being one of the biggest business industries in India, draws a very large number of visitors to Online Bollywood streaming videos. Such is the craze and anticipation for new movies and the stars in the movies that clips or videos of the trailers, interviews and launch parties that Bollywood fans wait for them well in advance. There are several websites that offer online streaming of Bollywood videos as Bollywood is known to produce the largest number of films in a financial year. There are also websites which allow streaming movies for free and watch it online without first downloading it. The rivalry between these websites is based on buffering speed which determines the competition as slow video streaming makes a visitor lose interest. Movie streaming is now a well established concept but some of these websites cause piracy violations which hamper the growth of the industry and affect sales.
As recognized by Bollywood production houses that the best method of promotion is the release of the trailers, promos and the clips before the release of new movies on websites like ‘YouTube’, and help create an in-house audience. Online Streaming of Bollywood videos help promote Bollywood movie songs well in advance and it has grown extremely popular due to its genre and therefore is known to be one of the easiest and cost effective methods of drawing large crowd to the business.

As on date there are loads of sites on the internet that are dedicated to online Bollywood video. Technically these can be considered as social networking sites which provide a base for the interaction between different members of the society and Bollywood fans and provide production houses as well as actors with online reviews and criticism about movies and plan accordingly. With online video streaming sites like ‘YouTube’, it is also becoming easier for regular movie goers to choose the movies they want to watch by reviewing these websites and form an opinion.

Some of the popular Bollywood video streaming sites are:
1. YouTube
3. Coolbuddy
4. Smashhits
5. Indiaglitz

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