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Being the leading site that provides the most comprehensive information and resources of online streaming videos all over the internet, “Onlinevideo” separates the comedy genre of videos shared online on the internet as the popularity of this genre has grown through video sites like ‘YouTube’. We have left no stones unturned to enlist all the sites as well as the video streaming sites that come under this section.

Online comedy video draws millions of viewers all over the world on a regular basis. Not very different from the category of entertainment, online streaming lets users watch comedy videos which are extremely popular and entertaining in nature. People use editing tools which edit video online to create personalized videos which they share on various online streaming resources.

Online streaming lets user watch comedy videos which is enjoyed by everyone and does not bare any age group and includes all levels of entertainment. Through free video hosting, websites provide an online video platform on which edited video clips of popular shows as well as personal videos can be uploaded by users and the viewers of these websites.

Through video hosting sites these videos are shared all over the internet which can also be shared on social networking websites which support video format. Online video platform helps to upload video as well as share videos with friends, family and the rest of the world. Video technology has helped spread them all over the internet but online videos buffering depend on the speed of the internet as well as the video technology which helps in streaming of online videos. There are several video hosting services available on the internet but the buffering speed of the video makes a website better than the others as slow streaming makes a user lose interest to watch the whole video.

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