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Even though online streaming of video could have been a giant leap in video technology on the internet a few years back but still it creating ripples on the internet with new and innovative ways it is being used by the users. There are several ways internet is helping established as well as budding artists to showcase their talent through online video platform. As there are many video hosting sites on the internet which allow video upload and video sharing options along with online streaming of videos. Online Dance videos are popular amongst dance enthusiasts and users looking for entertainment. compiles information and resources regarding online streaming of dance video.

Social networking has also contributed to the spreading of online dance videos by sharing, uploading and streaming the shared data on the World Wide Web. The video technology of streaming is by and large the most popular means to stream these dance videos online. With the introduction of broadband services, video streaming made watching video online with ease and convenience as online streaming does not require you to download or save the online video file. This help in the privacy and safety of the online shared files also allows the copyright issues to be managed well from the server's end.

Popularity of dance videos can be judged through the ways they have helped us in various aspects of life. These genres include online dance videos for kids, which help budding dancers to improve their skills, online workout dance videos and instructions help people stay in shape as well as lose weight. There are many websites which offer dance exercise routines and help keep the world stay fit. Dance exercise is the most viewed among fitness fanatics. Another popular genre is the hip hop dance videos as hip hop dance is a way of life for many; hip hop dance video songs are the most viewed among dance enthusiasts. Most of these videos are uploaded for sharing with the viewers and the users on websites which support video technology of online streaming; but a section of the same also arrives from the private channels and dance production houses- who upload these videos online to gain popularity and traffic.

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