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Online Streaming education / instructional videos open a whole new horizon for scholars and general viewers of all ages. These are not just educational but also interesting to watch. ‘Onlinevideo’ understand this need and provide information and resources available on the internet to cater to the needs of online users. There are several ways that educational videos help to serve a large audience as it provides a means to mediate between students and institutions.

With the advancement in video technology, online video streaming has been developed effectively over time as it allows file sharing- whether audio or video which is fast and doesn't even require downloading or saving the video file but it still have the option to download. These videos help educate students whatever their age in the most remote places in the world which do not have educational institutes. Through webcast and webinar services student sitting in the most remote places in the world can attend lectures and seminars of premier institutes through live streaming through webcast and webinars as well as video on demand.

These videos can be put to utility at educational institutions as well as work places that help to achieve the goal to provide education to everyone, anywhere. There are several online video platforms which shares educational videos some of which are free and many others are exclusive in nature. Today there are several institutes which organize lectures through live streaming of videos through streaming media hosting service providers as well as video on demand. Online video shares all the related information when it comes to Online Streaming education / instructional videos and provides a list of the websites that maintain videos of this category.

  • History Channel
  • SuTree
  • Expert Village
  • ScienceDaily
  • TeacherTube
  • About Video
  • ResearchChannel
  • TLC
  • National Geographic
  • Frontline
  • Animal Planet
  • ScienCentral
  • LiveScience
  • Discovery Channel

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