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Entertainment cannot be generalized with one genre as it is superset of many genres. Entertainment genre includes many genres of online videos from movies, TV serials, stand-up comedy, funny videos, sports videos etc. Online entertainment videos provide entertainment for a wide audience surfing for videos online. There are several video websites like YouTube on the internet on which video streaming is supported and the internet user can watch online entertainment videos without waiting for it to download on the computer.

With fast online buffering speed of used in video technology, entertainment videos section entertainment has found a new source to get into our lives. is the best site to list all the resources and information regarding entertainment videos available on the internet. As many entertainment websites are available on the internet the competition between them is based on the buffering speed of the video which the website provides. Video websites like YouTube help in buffering video fast with the help of advancements made in the world of video technology. These sites work on the theory of social networking and thus create a platform for the users all over the world to interact through the means of uploading, and sharing these entertainment videos.

Online streaming entertainment videos being such a huge section requires daily updations and the viewers and the users of the website take care of the same. There are several online video channels on websites which private media uses to contribute to the genre by submitting clips and online streaming videos from their end, entertaining the mass at its best. YouTube undoubtedly has the largest collection of entertainment videos among which cat videos are appreciated by a large audience. Cat entertainment video is the most searched for on the internet.

Online streaming entertainment videos include various factors in them including listings of clips from popular TV Serials or movies. These online Streaming Videos can be watched, paused, fast forwarded and replayed again and again, that is can be skipped according to the required portions.

These videos also include the prank videos that are highly popular in the entertainment media. Prank videos are generally personal videos uploaded by internet users.

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