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Food & wine has always been a section among online videos which has introduced some innovative ideas and help people of different parts of the world to share their food recipes with each other. With the videos of various drinks and their exotic Indian recipe preparation; this genre is one of the most celebrated and awaited section in terms of online streaming media on the internet. There are websites which offer podcast streaming video which are either pre-recorded or live and are uploaded on a daily basis for Indian food enthusiasts. There are other means through which cooking recipes are shared are namely recipe blogs, games, short clips and cooking articles. These video help to share food safety and food garnishing tips which help concerned internet users with their queries as food safety is always a concern with people.

‘Onlinevideo’ provide information and resources of Online Streaming Food & Wine Video and share dedicated sites on the internet and provide the perfect platform for the interaction of members and users from all over the world who share the common interest of wine and dine. With the increase in consumption of wine in metros in India, there are several websites for wine tasting tips in India with wine processing videos. There are several podcast which share timely updated video on how to make wine and the details about the fermentation process. Information and reviews help to find the best wine making resources and exclusive sites on wine tasting available on the internet. As the number of wine lovers in India and abroad is increasing, the number of wine processing article and tasting blogs are increasing exponentially. The most searched wine making video is for red wine. Red wine videos are the most sort out for wine making process, as red wine goes well with food and has many positive health effects.

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