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The online video streaming technology is constantly making our online experience a delight. With the constant technological advancements, online gaming and other gaming portal are also experiencing an all time high in traffic as video games are becoming more interactive and user friendly. With more and more gaming fanatics using online gaming websites they like to share their gaming experience with the rest of the world.

There are several websites like ‘YouTube’ which offers gaming fanatics with regular updates and offer them with game play videos and new trailers of games which are to be launched. ‘OnlineVideo’ offers information and resources on games and game video websites and provides a platform to interact on a global basis. Also there are several game video recorders available on the internet which save video clips while playing and help you share your experience with the rest of the community. There are several games which are popular on the internet as they can be played without the need to download and install them. ‘Angry bird’ was made popular which was first introduced on ‘iTouch’ and other Apple products. Some other best freeware video games include table tennis and cricket.

Major business enterprises now have exclusive gaming portals which are regularly updated with game videos to promote upcoming games and also market them on several other video websites like ‘YouTube’ which have channels for the same. Game videos include video streaming of the available game movies on the internet, small clips, new game trailers, promotional advertisements of the games in the making, interviews with the developers and designers. ‘God of war 3’ was the most anticipated game in 2011 which saw internet users go berserk and the video spread like wildfire.

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