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With the huge following of Hollywood movies and Hollywood celebrities across the world, online video sites like ‘YouTube’ have made it possible for Hollywood production houses to promote and market new movies on the internet which is cost effective and reach the global audience. Moreover with the production houses making their budgets bigger than ever - it becomes a market segment where no stones are left unturned to gain access to the hearts of the billions on the planet. covers all the information and resources of promotional videos of Hollywood - starting from the online video trailers of movies to the stories related to the stars and lists them under different headings so that they can be easily searched and streamed on the internet. Huge being a small word to describe the following of the stars in the Hollywood movies; these clips or videos of the same help to satisfy the craving of Hollywood fanatics. Hollywood movie trailers are among most searched things on the internet. Also there are several websites which offer Hollywood video songs and free Hollywood movie download which are made readily available through websites like ‘YouTube’. The best method of promotion for a production house is the release of the trailers, promos and the clips of the future release, and let the audience anticipate the release and in turn create an in-house audience with discussions through blogs and articles. Online Streaming Hollywood video and online Hollywood celeb videos has grown extremely popular and therefore is becoming a popular and cost effective means to draw business while reaching a worldwide audience.

Today every new Hollywood movie has its own website which offers the plot, cast interviews, technology involved and much more while making the movie.

As on date there are loads of sites on the internet that are dedicated to streaming online Hollywood video. These sites provide the base for the interaction between different members of the society and the fans of the movies allowing the production houses to receive criticism and plan accordingly.

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