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Websites like ‘YouTube’ has made the music videos, the most searched and popular genre among the online streaming video genre. Online streaming music videos are a huge industry and have made a huge impact when it comes to promoting, marketing and downloading of music by established as well as budding artists. Some of the pioneering social networking websites are based on the concept of music, the immense popularity of the online music video sites has become an all time hit in the world of the web.

With the introduction of online streaming and downloading of music videos on the internet, users with same taste and interest in music shared their passion with the help of online video platform with the rest of the world as well as other music enthusiasts. There are several popular genres of music which are mostly searched on the internet, rap videos, hip hop videos, rock videos are some to name a few. provides all the necessary information and resources of streaming online videos and help people connect with what they love best.

Online music video channels have gained immense popularity on the internet because it help us share the most traditional way for people to connect with each other, as music does not share the concept of religion and boundaries and help share, upload and view music on hundreds of music video websites like ‘YouTube’ with millions of fans across the world. There are online music video maker softwares available on the internet which help budding and amateur musician make best videos for their songs. Online music maker softwares also help make some of the best online music videos which can be uploaded on the internet.

Some of the best music streaming sites available on the internet are:

  • YouTube
  • Last.FM
  • Music Arsenal
  • MusicHawk
  • Musicmobs
  • MusicStrands
  • Pure Volume  
  • RadioTime

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