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News play an important role in our life as it reflects the latest happening around us which affect our life. TV used to be the major source of news from around the world but the increasing number of news websites has changed that as it provides the fastest way of information available. Now with many handheld devices available to us and the technology it supports help us to stay connected with the world on the go. There are several news apps a user can subscribe to from business, world news to entertainment news, these websites offer us everything we need. Now with the advanced video technology of video streaming we can watch live news channels on our mobile phones.

Online streaming news videos have the most populated traffic on the internet today. helps you with the information and resources needed to keep you updated with the latest news videos on the internet. There are many Indian news videos website like ‘The Hindu’ which provides the latest happenings in the Indian subcontinent as well as the world. Several new websites are available on the internet like ‘Google News’ which offer news articles along with videos. ‘BBC’ news videos can be streamed live, straight from the website. Online live news video can be streamed with amazing speed with the availability of broadband speeds, and they have sidelined TV as the major source of the latest news videos.

Many Indian news websites and other websites makes news headlines more interactive while reading as they offer space to leave comments and help to connect with the editors and other readers. In today’s world where everyone is busy with their lives online news video streaming has opened new channels to stay up to date with the latest happenings from around the world as it gives us the freedom to browse through various news videos of different countries and also it saves time as it allows to go directly to the news or the type of news we want to know. Some of the popular sources of streaming latest news video are:


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