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Online video streaming has helped us to share some of the most funny moments in our lives with the rest of the world. Prank videos can be shared and uploaded on several video websites like ‘YouTube’. These video streaming sites work on the theory of social networking and thus create a platform for the users all over the world to interact through the means of uploading, and sharing funny prank videos. helps provide information and resources available on the internet regarding prank video websites and share prank clips. Online Streaming of Prank Video has been made possible with the help of advancements in the video technology which allow us to watch prank videos online without the need to wait for them to download on the computer. These videos include some of the best prank videos which are scary and other being funny in nature. There are several websites offering ideas on prank videos to scare people and several small prank clips. Prank videos on ‘YouTube’ offers some of the best best prank video clips which are mostly personal videos uploaded by users from across the world. Other than that the channels and the private media also contributes to the genre by submitting prank clip from their end, entertaining the mass to their optimum level.

Online streaming of videos allow a user to watch it without downloading and can be paused, fast forwarded and replayed again and again, and you can watch your favorite part again and again or skip directly to a specific portions. These videos help to share the best funny as well as scary pranks with the people you love as well as the rest of the world. Some of the most popular websites of streaming prank videos online are:

1. YouTube

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