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Started as a simple search engine for searching the available online streaming videos on the internet, ‘Yahoo video’ on date holds higher rankings than ever and is amongst the favorites when it comes to searching online video files for a user over the World Wide Web and is rated among the best video streaming sites on the internet. Yahoo Videos allows the uploading, sharing of streaming media and the search engine within the site offers full services of the featured videos from amongst the collaborated sites on the web. Also there are software available on the internet which allows to download Yahoo videos for free.

Yahoo video uploads content provided by user and makes it available on the internet within minutes of uploading. Advancements in online video technology allows user to share, upload and watch videos online without the need to download them first on the computer and also gives the freedom to play, pause and rewind suiting the needs of the users to watch the video over again. Evolved online video technology also allows user to stream online videos at a faster speed without any lags and delays. With all the available functions from the Yahoo and the search engine being quite strong; yahoo video is available for millions of users from across the world.

The process of streaming online video can be found in an enhanced version on the site: which allows the better quality of streaming through higher bit rate of processing of these online streaming media. With collaboration with the largest and the best video streaming sites on the internet, the elaborate search engine of the yahoo videos also helps in listing the required, popular and the rated videos on its homepage.

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