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YouTube’ is the world’s number one ranked in terms of online video sharing site on the internet, and is a pioneer in social networking websites which connects people with the videos they share with the rest of the world. With the largest number of followers in the league- this video hosting site maintains the best and the most comprehensive list of the videos all over the internet. The users of the site range from all ages and geographical boundaries, as the access to the site in addition to its functionalities are made quite easy to manage and handle. With great advancements made in video technology and streaming video server over the years ‘YouTube’ has increased the streaming or buffering speed of videos. 3GP video technology has now enabled users to upload videos straight from their mobile handsets. It provides a flexible and user-friendly online video sharing platform and fast video streaming server which has become a very important part of the internet connecting millions of people with the rest of the world. Created in the year 2005, video hosting website which is ‘YouTube’ allows everyone to view videos with additional features included for registered users, like uploading videos, sharing videos with friends & on other social networking platforms, writing comments, creating video channels etc. With title and tags enabled on the website, the site includes movie clips, TV clips and music videos, as well as amateur content such as video blogging and short original videos.

‘YouTube’ is among the best laid example for social networking platform of video technology and video sharing, and applies to the latest methodologies of video streaming making the process of sharing easier than could ever have been imagined. ‘YouTube’ is still the leader among video hosting sites as it uses the best technology for video buffering increasing the streaming speed compared to various video hosting websites.

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